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It is with immense gratitude for your impactful support that we share UtahPresents’ Annual Report and the remarkable journey we've had over the past fiscal year.

Thanks in part to your generosity, UtahPresents was able to return to a full season of in-person productions for the first time since our 2018-19 season. We reached over 35,600 audience members through 71 public performances and events.

It has been a joy to lead UtahPresents as the new Executive Director this past year. We are excited about the future and with your continued support, we look forward to embracing new opportunities and accomplishing even greater feats.

Thank you for being a cornerstone of UtahPresents. Your belief in our mission keeps us moving forward, and we are profoundly grateful.


Chloe Jones
Executive Director, UtahPresents



UtahPresents is passionate about introducing diverse performance art to Salt Lake City with a special focus on community outreach. It is critical to our mission to provide meaningful arts opportunities to children, university students, and community members of all backgrounds.

As a board member for six years, I’ve witnessed firsthand UtahPresents’ dedication to these community initiatives, which reflect the opportunities that enriched my own childhood with the arts. I want others to have these same inspiring experiences, and that is why I support UtahPresents.

Thank you for championing creativity, diversity, and the power of the arts, supporting our mission to make cultural experiences accessible to all.


Tiana Hood
Chair, UtahPresents Advisory Board



Season Accomplishments


Diverse Programming: We were pleased to return to a full season of UtahPresents performances for the first time since the 2018-2019 season. We continued our tradition of presenting a diverse array of artists and art forms, enriching the cultural tapestry of our community and inspiring curiosity and conversation.

Community Engagement: Proudly, we engaged with more than 9,700 community members through outreach programs, artist workshops, educational partnerships, and free community events, strengthening our ties to the people of Utah.

Stewardship of Kingsbury Hall: Our iconic building continued to be a vital community and university resource. Our versatile space provided a platform for events, performances, and gatherings, fostering vibrant cultural exchange within our community and academic circles.

Financial Turnaround: Despite projecting a deficit during the pandemic, your support and our sound financial management turned the tide. UtahPresents finished the 2022-2023 season with a surplus, ensuring our continued operations and the delivery of high-quality performances to the community.

Photo: Singer/songwriter Kalani Pe'a performs at Mana Academy.

REACHUP Highlights


REACHUP community engagement programming takes artists off the stage and directly into K-12 schools throughout the community, within departments on the U campus, and across the state.

We take pride in bringing world-class performers out of the theater and into schools, community centers, and other public spaces to meet the community where they live, work, and learn. We do this by partnering with non-profit and grassroots organizations to find audiences that share the interests or backgrounds of our performers. 

A core component of the ReachUP program is student matinees, bringing over 8,000 school-aged students to Kingsbury Hall each year to experience live performance, providing opportunities for students to see their own cultures represented on stage and building empathy in those seeing different cultures.

Post-matinee teacher comments include: “My students were able to see themselves on stage and connect with their own culture or with a different culture.” and “Three of my students were thrilled that the performance represented their culture. They talked about it for several days afterwards.”

In addition to matinees, in 2022-23 we partnered with dance faculty at the Bryant campus of Salt Lake Center for Science Education to offer a hip-hop dance class for junior-high students taught by dancers with Versa-Style, an LA-based ensemble featuring mostly dancers of color. We partnered with Promise South Salt Lake, a free program providing out-of-school programming for youth, to bring artists from Chicago’s Manual Cinema to Lincoln Elementary for a class on storytelling and creativity, using puppets and storyboarding techniques. Our partnership with U of U Equity Diversity and Inclusion brought Resistance Revival Chorus to campus for the Martin Luther King, Jr., week of activities. The choir participated in the annual march and rally, performing several numbers for participants, as well as hosting a discussion on music and activism, prior to their public performance.

These and many other events throughout the season were made possible because of your support of UtahPresents.

48 REACHUP Events
Connecting 9,791 Individuals
Through 30 Community Organizations
With 326 Artists




Numbers above reflect unaudited financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2023



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