It’s not something you might think about as you watch a performance, but over time, the wear-and-tear on the stage floor results in areas that need to be repaired. Loading heavy sets in and out, dancers and actors performing, and high-impact performances like Stomp and Step Afrika all take a toll on the wooden stage floor.

Because July is usually a quiet month at Kingsbury, our stage crew – Randy, Steve, Michael and Cody – took the opportunity to sand down and repair a few sections of floor.


You can see that one of the largest sections is right at the front of the stage:IMG_5603 And you can probably guess why Рthis is where the Tap Dogs tap, the Stompers stomp, the Steppers step. So much high-impact action takes place on this little stretch of the stage.

After the repairs are complete, the patches are painted

IMG_5605and then the whole floor gets a coat of paint.

IMG_5607Then it shines like new again and we’re ready for the next event!