brooke-horejsiUtahPresents Executive Director, Brooke Horejsi, recently discussed the November 12th performance of Ragamala Dance Company at Kingsbury Hall.

Ragamala Dance Company’s work explores the dynamic tension between the ancestral and the contemporary. As choreographers and performers, Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy create dance landscapes that dwell in opposition — secular and spiritual life, inner and outer worlds, human and natural concerns, rhythm and stillness — to find the transcendence that lies in between. As mother and daughter, each brings her generational experience to the work — the rich traditions, deep philosophical roots, and ancestral wisdom of India meeting and merging with their hybridic perspective as Indian-American artists.

The company has rave reviews, with the New York Times stating, “Ragamala shows how Indian forms can be some of the most transcendent experiences that dance has to offer. This is an excellent company…

Ragamala’s performance is also part of our audience program, The MixUP, and will feature a painting class at Kingsbury Hall before the show. Learn more from the MixUP on Facebook.

Take a moment to discover why Brooke Horejsi chose Ragamala and what is in store for you on November 12.